I found Hanson was coming back to the New Orleans HOB when I was in Monroe painting my dorm room. Ashley G. called me and told me, and I was so nervous for a second, thinking I wasn't going to be able to go if my schedule didn't give me time to drive the four hours there and four hours back and allow me to see them. Needless to say, when she told me it was on a Friday, the day when I get out of class at eleven, I was way more than excited to say I'd be able to go. After some persuasion, Dustin agreed to come with me. I had a few weeks of anticipation, then the day was finally here.

On Thursday, I had made reservations for me and Dustin to eat at the HOB for 5:45 so we could get in the dinner line. All I have to say is, praise the Lord we got there early. There was literally four people in the regular line, and everyone else was in the dinner line. It was pretty discouraging to see people almost to the corner of the alley. Anyway, we're walking up to the bus because I see Ashley S. standing there so I went to talk to her and see who she was there with. As I'm talking to her, Taylor comes down the steps of the bus and waves to everyone standing outside, and I jumped about ten feet in the air because it was so unexpected. After I talked to her for a couple of minutes, me and Dustin went inside to see if we could eat then. They seated us early because they had room, and we ordered our food in to-go boxes so we could eat in the line. After about an hour and a half, we were let inside to wait for another hour. We were pretty close to the front. There was only about four people between me and the stage, and I was wearing my huge shoes, so it was a vast improvement from the last concert.

They came out late, but only Dustin was aggravated by that. Isaac was wearing a white button-up shirt with a red tie, Taylor had on khaki pants with rhinestones on them (??), a Coca-cola wifebeater, and red suspenders (????), and Zac had on a dark green t-shirt. I couldn't tell you what kind of pants Isaac and Zac were wearing because they came out pretty fast, and Taylor was directly in my view line, so I could see him the best. Let me just tell you the valuable lesson this concert has taught me: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE HANSON. I was not expecting the show to be as much fun as the previous one, just because I remembered how quiet and mellow it got during the brief acoustic set. I was positive I would love it and have a good time, but I was definitely not expecting what I got. They were just as amazing without all the instruments and back up and such as they were with it all. Even Dustin had to admit it was better than he had expected (which wasn't much). All three of them had so much energy, it was unbelievable. Taylor actually had to keep shaking his hands out after every song because he was playing the piano so hard. I really loved how they each had a solo, and gave the other two a break so that they didn't have to take a break as a group in the middle. The concert seemed to last forever (and I was NOT complaining), and they played SO many songs! I was totally taken by surprise. It was not at all what I had expected when I heard it was an acoustic show.

Now for the setlist (in order):

1. Strong Enough to Break
2. If Only
3. River
4. Runaway Run
5. Make You Love Me More [Ryan Adams Cover]
6. RockíníRoll Razorblade
7. Money
8. The Walk [Zacís Solo]
9. Teach Your Children Well [Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Cover]
10. When Youíre Gone
11. Need You Now
12. With You In Your Dreams
13. Underneath
14. Hand in Hand [Isaacís Solo]
15. Love Me [Taylorís Solo Ė Elvis Cover]
16. Penny & Me
17. Whereís The Love
18. Deeper
19. Hey
20. Love Somebody To Know
21. You Never Know
22. So Lovely
23. Mmmbop
24. Rip It Up [Little Richard Cover]
25. This Time Around
26. A Song to Sing [Encore]

The only real thing I have to complain about was not even a part of the show, it was the rudeness of some people in the crowd. When Zac was out there all by himself, playing a beautiful ballad on the piano, everyone gets almost silent to listen except for about five or six people who felt the need to take advantage of the silence and scream out "Zac, you're so hot!" I'm sorry, but I just find that completely disrespectful. He's not out there playing for himself, he was playing for us, and it just seemed incredibely rude that people are screaming about his looks when he's trying to do something special for the audience.

But anyway, except for that and a few more rude people who think it's okay to push your boyfriend in the back and grab his ass (those evil, evil girls), I had one of the best nights of my life. It was well worth the wait and I just hope that when they go on tour for the studio album, I'll be so lucky as to be able to go.