Hanson Questions

Why do you like Hanson when the rest of your musical tastes are the complete opposite?
Liking Hanson was as big of a shock to me as it was to everyone that knows me!! I’m definitely more of a fan of hard rock and stuff like that, but Hanson was then, and is now, just so real and true, and everything that I admired in all the hard rock bands that I loved, it was hard to stay away. Plus, “MMMBop” was so damn infectious, I was bound to like it! :-) I don’t have too much respect for the mainstream stuff that’s out there right now, but Hanson’s got nothing in common with them except for the fact that the genre of music is the same. So, I guess I just can say that I like them because their songs are easy to relate to, they have the most amazing singing and playing talents that I’ve ever heard, they’re not processed, and they’re just all around amazing at what they do. And they’re not so bad on the eyes, I must say...

Which Hanson is your favorite?
Honestly? Taylor! I love Zac and Ike too, and I don’t just like the band because of him, but DAMN is that boy fine!! LOL I can truthfully say that I would like the band just as much if Taylor looked like, say...that guy from the Rolling Stones who looks like he died 15 years ago (Keith Richards??). And, ya know, I’ve had people tell me that I probably wouldn’t like him if he wasn’t famous, but frankly, I SO would. Every single guy I’ve ever liked has had the same qualities that attracted me to him initially (ex. being thin but not emaciated, longish hair, really pretty eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a cute laugh). Seriously! You can ask any single person that knows me!

Don’t you think you’re a little too obsessed?
Are you kidding?? Who ever heard of being TOO obsessed with Hanson?! But, I am definitely past the “crying-if-I-miss-them-on-TV” stage that I went through from ‘97-’99. Improvement, right??

Have you ever met them?
Nope, I surely haven’t, but I won’t get into my long, drawn out sob story of losing the opportunity to meet them TWICE...

What’s your favorite Hanson song?
I couldn’t even begin to pick one!! They’re all so amazing and meaningful to me in one way or another. I mean, to everyone I know, when I’m listening to the radio or something and some song comes on and I say “This is my favorite song!” there’s just an understood meaning that what I really mean is, “This is my favorite song after every single song that Hanson has ever sang.”

Story Questions

Why do you write about Hanson?
Basically, just because I can. I’m not a journal kind of person, so my stories are like my journal. If I get in a fight with someone, I might go home and add it into one of my stories, expressing my feelings through a character or something. The fight I’ve had can be absolutely nothing like the one my characters have, but it still makes me feel like I’ve some something with my emotions. Using Hanson as main characters just makes it easier because I don’t have to waste time deciding if and how many sibling they’ll have, picking names, looks, all that crap.

Why do your characters have such weird names?
In the past two years, I’ve developed a sort of hobby out of finding unique names. I get them mostly from people I know, or people I hear about. Sometimes I just pull them out my ass. It started when my uncle married this lady named Eva who had a son named Levon. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. After that, they had Ecko and de’Ette, and my aunt Kelly has a daughter named Rhiannon. Plus, my mom works at a day-care center and through there, I have come across three Jaden’s spelled three different ways (Jaden, Jayden, and Jaidyn), a Conner, Corbyn, Anderson, Sabine, Lyric, and many others. I don’t really like normal, common, everyday names like Kayla or Amy or Lindsey. Maybe I shouldn’t say “don’t like.” I just prefer uncommon names.

Are any of your characters based on yourself?
I think that out of all the characters I’ve created, the one most like me is Exhale Brooks from “Whispers of the Heart.” I’ve sort of gone through the same things she goes through with Taylor but without the same result, so even though my friends who are reading it swear up and down that it’s about me and this guy, it really isn’t. Her personality is the most like mine in that she rarely speaks her mind, she just kind of lets things go on their own and never wants to interfere with the course of the world. The only things unlike me are her looks, the fact that she has an older brother, and she’s into sports. The younger, very annoying, sister is very real, and Raine is like a combination of my two best friends Kristen and Kelly. With Exhale, I mold the situation to how I would act, should I be confronted with it, but in all my other stories, I base it on someone else’s perspective and how someone else might react.

When did you start writing?
I’ve been writing off and on since I learned how. At first it was cheesy little short stories that I made up with the characters from the Baby-Sitter’s Club and their crush objects going on a date. I started writing stuff about Hanson about six months after they came out. I can still remember the exact day, around Halloween before my parents had a Bonko party, and I started writing at the card table they had set up in my room for the occasion. I read some on the Internet that were all about Isaac/Taylor/Zac making out with some random girl. I decided that I would give it a try and produced a really pathetic trilogy that evolved and evolved and evolved until it turned into the “Two Tears Trilogy.”

Why are a majority of your stories about Taylor?
Okay, I know I’m REALLY bad about that. When I wrote the first story, I did it about Taylor because he’s my favorite. I like them all, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t just like the band because of Taylor. It’s just that he fits the exact type of guy I’ve always been attracted to. It was just so easy to write about him because I can imagine him so much more vividly in these situations that Isaac or Zac. I have written a Zac story at the request of my friends Krystal and Ashley who absolutely love him, but it didn’t really have a plot. Hopefully in the future I’ll be writing one that’s not Taylor dominated. I have written most of my short stories about Zac and Isaac, the second and third installments of “The Two Tears Trilogy“ have Zac and Isaac storylines, and the new trilogy I‘m working on has each story based on an individual brother, so you can check those out for something not about Taylor.

Are you ever going to write a long story that doesn’t have a romantic theme?
That’s hard to say. I’ve always been a very romantic person. I like reading it and writing it as well. I might dabble with it, but I think the closest thing I’ve come to not having a romantic theme is “Till the End.” It’s harder for me to write about stuff that isn’t incorporating some type of strong relationship. I guess the easiest way to answer this is that maybe I will, but it probably won’t end up on the site, but there is the short story “Somewhere Between Hello and Good-Bye” that doesn’t involve anyone falling in love.

Why do almost all of your stories have twins, triplets, etc. in them?
Just like with unique names, I’ve always been fascinated with multiples. The whole process is just so amazing to me. I know about six or seven sets of twins and all of them are either identical or boy/girl, so those are the kinds I use most often in my stories because I can ask them what it’s like being a girl with a twin brother and vice versa. I want to have twins so bad, and I’m hoping that since my air sign is “The Twins” and I love them so much, I will.

Do you base your characters on people you know?
Um...sometimes, but not often. Usually, it’s only when someone asks me to that I do that. There’s the short story “All I Want For Christmas” that I wrote after Kirsten begged me to write a story about her and Zac, and I’m working on another short story about my friend Ashley and Zac. Also, the character Payton in “Beneath the Surface” was based on a girl I worked with over the summer of 2000 named Kerri, and the inspiration for Charisma and Carter from “Finding Home” came from Kristen and Kelly who are also sisters and have been my friends my entire life, but that’s as far as the resemblances go, in reference to the two of them (you’ll see what I mean if you read the story). Other than those few exceptions, my characters are the products of my imagination and nothing more nor less.

That’s all for now! If you didn’t see your question answered, feel free to e-mail it to me at kristygio@yahoo.com

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