APRIL 20th, 2006
Not only is it the anniversary of UNDERNEATH, it is also the day I'm unveiling the brand new site at http://words.breaktowncrazy.com!! So update your bookmarks because from now on, all updates will happen there instead of here!

APRIL 4th, 2006
OKAY...there's supposed to be an update of ANY BETTER THAN THIS for me to post, but for some reason, Tripod wants to turn all of the quotation marks into question marks when I try to update it! It's actually really pissing me off. I'll try again tomorrow to get it to work, but until then, you can read it at my [HANFIC JOURNAL]. Sorry about that, I have no clue what the problem is!

APRIL 1st. 2006
There's no story updates to speak of today, but there are a couple of announcements. First, the nominations for the [FEEL WHAT I DREAM SPRING 2006 AWARDS] opened today, so if you think one or more of my stories deserves a nomination, head over there and send them in! Second, Heather and I have begun working on our sequel to FALLEN DOWN ANGELS which we have titled TRUTH OF THE SCARS. We won't be posting it until probably the beginning of the summer, but there's a teaser with character images posted on her site [YOU FOR ALWAYS]. And finally, I'm in the process of making a brand new site which will be hosted on Heather's site! It will still be titled THE WORDS I WROTE, but it will [hopefully] be a much better site. The new site can be found at [http://words.breaktowncrazy.com], so you can add it to your booksmarks now if you'd like. I'll make an announcement here when it's all switched over for good, but again, that probably won't be until closer to summer because I have a ton of stuff going on in the last few weeks of the semester. And hopefully I'll have some story updates up before then too. Okay, I'm pretty sure that's all for now!

MARCH 22nd, 2006
Chapter Seventeen, the final chapter of FALLEN DOWN ANGELS is posted! Heather and I are really excited to start working on the sequel soon, so I hope you like this one and are ready for more!

MARCH 15th 2006 AGAIN
The next chapter of ANY BETTER THAN THIS is now up as well!

MARCH 15th, 2006
FALLEN DOWN ANGELS has been updated with Chapter 16, and it's a good one! And there's only one more left before it's over, so I hope you like it. :-)

MARCH 14th, 2006

MARCH 9th, 2006
Chapter Twenty of ANY BETTER THAN THIS is posted!


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