The O-Town Experience

Considering O-Town is not one of my favorite groups in the world, on the morning of June 24th when I woke up at 6 on a Sunday so I could go see them, I found myself wondering why. Krystal. Yes, Krystal, my best friend, had some how weaseled me into going to see one of HER favorite groups. The event was scheduled to begin at 5 P.M. in the parking lot of the Baton Rouge Wal-Mart's parking lot. Now you know they're awesome if they're singing at Wal-Mart. So if it didn't start until 5 P.M why was I waking up at 6 A.M.? Simple. Krystal wanted to be there early. So Krystal, Melissa, Jen and myself went to 7:30 mass then went to Melissa's to pick up our supplies. Ashley G., Ashley S. and Dustin met us there being that they were too lazy to get up and go to church with us. LoL We left Melissa's around 8, stopped for breakfast and were on our way. It took about an hour to get to Baton Rouge from where we were, so by the time we actually arrived at Wal-Mart, it was around 10:30. There were hardly any people there, so we managed to snag a spot in the front. Unfortunately for us and everyone who had been psycho enough to spend the whole night out there, we were forced to move waaaay back so they could bring in the trucks to set up the stage.

The next 6 hours were pretty uneventful. Dustin and I took his car and went off shopping while Jen, Krystal and Ashley snuck into hotels to go swimming. The autograph signing was set to start at 6 after the concert, and green armbands were given out to the first 500 people there, guaranteeing us an autograph. We all got back to our spot for about 4 and stood inside the store trying to sneak into the employees-only autograph signing. To get in, you had to have the nametag of someone that worked there. So Krystal worked her lil ass off to find someone to give up their nametag, but the "security" (actually, the asshole Chris) caught onto her little scheme after she tried to get in with 3 different employees claiming they were her cousin and changed the rule to immediate family of the employees only. We went back outside to wait for the show. They came out at a little after 5 and sang 7 songs. "Bring Me Under," "Liquid Dreams," "Girl," "All or Nothing," "Love Should Be A Crime," "The Painter," and a little freestyle thing that Eric did. Jacob was M.I.A. so if course, I was a little upset. He was basically the only reason I agreed to go.

After the concert, it was complete mayhem. Everyone that had been in the parking lot for the show had to cram into the frozen foods aisle in the store. Nearly an hour passed before the whole thing became even slightly organized and all the people without armbands were weeded from the "line." It was attempted to get us into single file, but that was just impossible. It smelled like sweaty armpits and it was hot, and people were throwing up. It was horrible. I almost considered just leaving, but then I decided that I'd been there all day, I was getting my damn autograph if it killed me. Finally at around 8:15 I made it to the front of the SLOW moving line. Dan was first, and he was pretty sweet. Then Eric who talked to me a little bit. After that was Trevor who barely looked up at me and said "Hey," because he was talking to Ashley who was last and didn't even look up at all. I thought he was an asshole, but Krystal said he was the nicest. I guess I'm one of the few girls that was there and didn't freak out so he didn't feel the need to say anything. Oh, well. I'd care if it was someone I was obsessed with, but I can deal with it being that I only like one song by them. So basically, my advice to all those O-Town obsessors is that if you want them to notice you, CRY. Krystal did hysterically and it yielded positive results (LoL, don't hate me for putting that!).