“My husband is not the same man that I married seventeen years ago. In the beginning, everything was perfect, down to the absolute last detail. I always knew his schedule as first a musician and then a producer had raised his stress level dangerously high, but he always assured me that he loved it that way. Music was his passion, and nothing would ever get in the way of it. Not stress...not even his family at times...”

“...From the start of our relationship, I never thought of him as Taylor Hanson, the sex icon and perfect teenage male that most of his fans saw him as. To me, he was simply Taylor, the guy who did occasionally say the wrong thing and piss me off, and who did make mistakes and hurt my feelings, but managed to love me and enrapture me all the same. I’m not the type of girl to tell you that every time I looked into his eyes, I melted, or I felt weak in the knees, or I felt like he could see my soul. Though I admit the boy has gorgeous eyes, that wasn’t one of the things I loved about him so much. The one thing that instantly drew me to him was that he was always affectionate...”

"...The lump immediately formed in Raylene’s throat as she closed her eyes, the freezing cold hand of dread wrapping its icy fingers around her heart, and whispered, 'Please don’t tell me what I think you’re about to tell me, Zac.'..."

“Although I would never admit it, I was probably more nervous than Parker that day. I really had no reason to be. I guess just the thought of meeting anyone famous made me a little antsy, even if it wasn’t someone I particularly cared for. I would have much rather meet Jessica Simpson or Limp Bizkit. But this wasn’t my wish. I wasn’t dying of leukemia. Parker was. Parker, my precious little brother, who I never fully appreciated until he was diagnosed four years ago. Now I was losing him...”