by Kristy

These stories are all by me, Kristy. I would appreciate it if none of my ideas are used by anyone else. All of these stories are works of complete fiction, all from my brain. If you would like to have your story posted on my site, please e-mail me with your name, URL to story and/or site here. A indicates a finished story.

Although most of my stories have one of these on their main page, I decided it would be best to do one for all of them. Most of them do contain a lot of swearing, so youíve been warned of this. Some, though not many, of them have some sexual innuendos and/or adult themes, but thereís no graphic dissertations of what the choice Hanson and his girlfriend are doing...If youíre looking for that, sorry. Wonít find it here. If you have a problem with any of these things or donít like reading about them, there isnít much I can do for you. I write what I write, and thatís all there is to it. And, as for the ever popular ďI donít know Hanson, anyone from Island/Def Jam Records, or anyone affiliated with either...blah blah blahĒ...I donít so okay. Now that I got that out the way...Go read the stories. Or you can always go back home.

...Chapters Ten, Eleven & Twelve of Any Better Than This added 12.23.05...New fiction FALLEN DOWN ANGELS added 12.23.05...

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